Lied dramatically about internet speed, injured my car There are So many complaints about this company, but complaining does not go far, really. Wild Blue should be served with a class action suit.

It is a guilty company. Someone please, let us band together. He changed the appt. on me, from 230 pm to 730 am.

I said i needed to eat (I have just moved, no food at home). He said he was already on his way over. I said maybe I would be better off with DSL. He said no, he was a professional and Wild Blue is five tmes faster.

I said ok. I said I need to move my car (how else could I go eat?) He said that's okay. I wasn't in his way I said well you are in my way though. He said oh, i'll move my pickup.

He moved it a little. Then he put his ladder in front of my car. I had to drive around it, making a sharp turn, heading toward this truck on an uphill grade. I could not see and he watched me as I hit a wall.

Just watched me!

He also said I needed 50' of HDMI cable for my house and that he was a professional and could get me a break on price but it would be hundreds of dollars. I bought it on amazon for 30 dollars.

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